Why to invest in sudan

Wed, 30 Mar 2016…       abdulnaisr hamid

Competitive operating costs

  • Very competitive wages: Sudan has a minimum wage of $97/month (minimum page wage for workers in the public sector);

Source: www.wageindicator.org

  • Competitive electricity tariffs for industry at about $0.04 per KWh.

Medium Voltage: 35,000 KWh/Month
Source: Comparative study of electricity tariffs used in Africa – December 2009 UPDEA

  • An attractive corporate income tax rate of 10% for industrial projects.

Source: Guide to Fiscal Information: Key Economies in Africa, Deloitte, 2013/2014

A country of untapped resources

  • Abundant raw materials for transformation especially from natural resources such as: Oil, minerals, cotton, leather, livestock, sesame seeds, and gum Arabic among others; See our Key Sectors for more information.

Available skilled and unskilled workforce

  • Abundant labor (estimated 15% unemployment) with different level of skills: there are over 50 private universities and colleges, 18 public technical colleges and 30 public universities with over 85,000 yearly graduates;

Access to Africa´s largest Regional Economic Community in Africa

  • Sudan is a member of COMESA, the Community of East and South African States providing access to a market of 445 million people.