Industry & Manufacturing

Wed, 30 Mar 2016…       abdulnaisr hamid

With a performance well below its potential in manufacturing, Sudan offers all the key ingredients for the establishment of various industrial and transformation activities.

Sudan offers among others:

  • Abundant labor (estimated 15% unemployment) with different level of skills: Sudan has over 85,000 graduates from both public and private universities and colleges graduating yearly;
  • Very competitive wages: Sudan has a minimum wage of $97/month (minimum page wage for workers in the public sector);
  • Abundant raw materials for transformation especially from natural resources such as: Oil, minerals, cotton, leather, livestock, sesame seeds, and gum Arabic among others;
  • Competitive electricity tariffs for industry at about $0.03 per KWh.
  • An attractive corporate income tax rate of 10% for industrial projects.
  • A high demand for various finished products, most of which could be produced efficiently in the country.

Specific opportunities include:

  • Leather & textiles: Sudan produced 131 metric tons of cotton and 53.000 skins in 2012.
  • Sugar and sugar refining: Sudan imported well over $400 million of sugar and refined sugar in 2012. Imports have been increasing at a rate close to 10% annually.
  • Electric and electronic equipment: Sudan imported over half a billion US of electric and electronic equipment in 2012.
  • Paper and corrugated board: Sudan imported $120.7 million in paper and corrugated board products in 2013 a 17% increase from 2012.
  • Petrochemicals and petrochemical related products: Sudan imported $237 million of plastics and derived products in 2013. While an oil producing country, the Sudan is still well below its potential for transformation.

Source: International Trade center

GIAD Industrial Group

GIAD Industrial Group was established in 1993. It is considered as one of the greatest industrial groups in Africa. It possesses a robust industrial and technological infrastructures; it is envisioned to lead the industrialization process in the sub-region. The Group’s activities cover the following areas; automotive industry, electronic industries, Aviation Industry, marine Industry, mining, metal and, agricultural industry, transport, construction works, furniture and Research and Development.

GIAD´s production facilities are located 50 kilometers south of the state capital in an exclusively owned industrial city of GIAD. The plant has an area of 15 square kilometers and has state of the art facilities.

GIAD Industrial Group is a wholly state-owned Holding which is always seeking new partners to develop new products and projects. GIAD has had joint projects with partners such as Shuanghuan Automobile Co, Hyundai, Renault SA, German truck maker Man AG, Massey Ferguson, Sinkad and Cetinel Sanmak, among others.